Village of Redgranite amends skateboard ordinance

At the June 16 Village of Redgranite regular village board meeting, the board approved, following discussion, amending Ordinance No. 2009-03, Section 8-4-1 regarding skateboards and inline skates. 

The amended ordinance states that it is unlawful for any person to operate a skateboard, use inline skates, or operate a play vehicle (1) on any municipal and/or public property site, including but not limited to any park shelter house, park parking lot, or park grounds, village fire department, village hall, village sewer plant, or any other municipal area within the village limits; (2) on any item of playground equipment, as located on the elementary school grounds; (3) on any sidewalk and/or street located within the village limits; or (4) on any private property where signs are posted prohibiting skateboarding, inline skates, or play vehicles.

Village Police Chief Kyle Tarr told the board that the amendment is necessary for the public safety of others. He said that residents have complained about being run into by skateboarders. 

Board member Paul Mertz questioned where children could use their skateboards because the ordinance eliminates parks. Police Chief Tarr said that the skateboarders have been abusing park equipment with their skateboards, for example, skateboarding on top of picnic tables, damaging the surface. 

Tarr also said that Wautoma had created a skateboard park, but turned it into a dog park because it was vandalized. A village resident, in attendance at the meeting, said that she lives close to the downtown park and that the noise skateboarders make using park equipment, such as the picnic tables, is disturbing, especially at night.

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