Residents express concern regarding salvage harvesting at Mt. Morris Hills Park

Six Waushara County residents voiced their concerns regarding the salvage harvesting that has started at Mt. Morris Hills Park during the regular meeting of the Waushara County Board of Supervisors on Sept. 19.

Shawn Jones, Pat Wade, Victoria Friday, Dave Nelson and Sherry Schultz spoke to the board during public comments about the tree harvesting in Mt. Morris Hills Park. Many of those who spoke expressed to the board they wanted to make sure live trees were not being cut, and the work they have done to replant trees as part of the Heal the Hill initiative were not harmed.

Following the public comments, County Administrator Robert Sivick began his monthly report addressing the concerns of the citizens and expressing he would be willing to meet with the residents to discuss any concerns they have.

Sivick also read a statement prepared by county staff, which stated:

“The wind storm of June 14 created damage to homes, trees and other personal property throughout Waushara County. The storm also damaged county park properties - especially the Mt. Morris Hill County Park.

“Recently the Waushara County Public Works Committee advertised for and accepted a bid to salvage storm damaged timber in six areas of the park, totaling about 5.7 acres. The selected contractor has started today.

“Reasons for salvaging storm damaged timber include: improve overall site aesthetics; reduce fuel loading should a fire occur; minimize safety hazards and liability; minimize secondary insect and disease issues; and provide financial return to the park for other needed maintenance.

“Salvage harvesting is a common practice in forest management following a significant damaging event. Salvage harvesting down and damaged trees helps to maintain the long-term health and vigor of a forest.”

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