Resident addresses Hancock Board about winter camping

Hancock resident Jim Penoske addressed the Hancock Village Board on the subject of campground usage during the off-season at their regular meeting on Monday, Oct. 9. Penoske was upset the township would not let him and several of his associates use the campground for winter camping as they had done in the past.

After hearing his tes-timony, the board replied that, due to state law, the campground is zoned as seasonal, meaning that it is only available eight months of the year. Even though usage was permitted, the council felt that they could no longer allow camping in the winter without further study to see what impact would be on the township if the campground was changed from seasonal to permanent. Further committee studies were slated to look into the matter.

Several operator’s licenses were reviewed and approved, including, #2017-036, John Johnson, #2017-037, Judy Abendroth, #2017-038, William Scarce, and #2017-039, Sheena Trunk. A zoning change request was submitted, for a property in the township to be changed to commercial, for development of additional business for the area. The request is under review.

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