Redgranite Village Board...Quarry to remain open

After returning from a closed session at a special board meeting on Sept. 29, the Redgranite Village Board announced that a decision was made to keep the quarry open to the public.  

“We are committed to keeping the quarry open,” said board member Paul Mertz. “The board will do what it can to keep the quarry safe.” 

Mertz also stated that the village will install more signage, warning the public of the dangers of swimming in the quarry and police surveillance will be “stepped up.”

Village President Jerry Sieg said that a committee would be formed to consider further suggestions, develop a specific plan, and have it in place by next summer.

When a WBAY TV reporter asked Sieg why the decision to keep the quarry open was made, Sieg responded that the majority of people in Redgranite want the quarry to remain open.  “We’re doing what our constituents want,” he said. 

The special board meeting was scheduled as a result of a request to permanently close the quarry because of three drowning deaths in the quarry this past summer. The latest drowning occurred on Sept. 6.