Redgranite Village Board vetoes request for miniature pot-bellied pig

In a unanimous vote at the June 20 Redgranite Village Board meeting, the board vetoed the draft revision of Keeping of Animals in Village Limits, Section 7-1-17, which would have allowed village residents to keep one miniature potbellied pig in their home.

The request was made in person by village resident Jessica Habegger at the May board meeting. Although the board members at the May meeting favored allowing the miniature pot bellied pig to reside in Habegger’s home, it was not formally approved at that meeting as the ordinance needed to first be revised and then voted on at the June meeting.

In the past, when residents requested exceptions to the ordinance, for example, keeping more than the allowed number of dogs, the board usually approved such requests if none of the resident’s neighbors had complaints. However, three neighbors attended the June meeting to complain and voiced their objection to the neighbor’s pig; thus, the board did not approve allowing the pig to reside within village limits.

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