Redgranite Village Board addresses complaints on alley & crosswalk safety

The Redgranite Village Board Meeting on Tuesday, April 18 at the village hall was called to order by the new president, Belinda Passarelli.

Ellen Caswell, village resident, who lives in a home on State Rd. 21 and the only access for her and several other properties is an alley off Foster Road. Caswell asked the village if repair or paving could be done on the alley roadway as it has not been maintained for some time, has several potholes, and it is traveled each and everyday by many. The board said they would look into the situation and would have the Redgranite maintenance grade it and apply ground asphalt.

The board also addressed the crosswalk by the Post Office and would like to have flashing lights affixed on the signs and possibly do away with one parking space to make the crosswalk safer. Redgranite Village Police Chief Kyle Tarr agreed that it is a safety concern and he will assist the village into looking at possible grants to assist with the cost. He said the village should contact the county and the DOT to see what avenues need to be taken as it is on a state highway.

Chief Tarr also informed the board that there will be no extensions on ordinance violations and citations will be issued. The board approved hiring Cody Potocki as a full time police officer and Ben VanHaren and Walker Kierstan as part time officers. Chief Tarr’s request for two badges at $120 and 100 badges at a cost of $299.50 was also approved.

Brandon Bonfiglio representing the Waushara County ATV Association gave an overview of the proposed route that they association would like to see approved by the village. Board member, Rob Wilcox, said those he is representing were in favor of a route for ATV’s in the village. Bonfiglio believes that it would be great for the economy of Redgranite and Waushara County as these riders would be patronizing restaurants, gas stations, and other businesses. The hours of operation proposed would be 6 a.m.-10 p.m.

Chief Tarr said that there needs to be ordinances in place and he would work with the village on the proposed routes and the board agreed to have a meeting where everything could be discussed before the they voted on the proposal.

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