Redgranite Board to require application for fireworks

At the July 21 regular Redgranite Village Board meeting, board members passed a recommendation by Village Police Chief Kyle Tarr to require that an application be completed at the village clerk’s office and approved by the board prior to anyone shooting off fireworks within the village limits. 

Those who complete the application will be required to state the date and the exact location where the fireworks will be discharged. In addition, applicants are required to post with the village clerk an approved indemnity bond (certificate of insurance) for at least $2,000 for the payment of all claims that may arise from injuries to persons or property from the handling, use or discharge of the fireworks. 

Applications are not required for the use of toy pistol paper caps, sparklers, and toy snakes. 

Following a presentation by Clem Safranek of MSA Professional Services, the board approved contracting with MSA Professionals, for a cost of $16,200, to develop a plan to modify both TIF 1 and 2, including the transfer of funds from TIF 1 to TIF 2. 

Safranek told the board that this has to be done before Oct. 1 of this year as the TIF 2 “sunset date” is Sept. 30. He also encouraged the board to make a list of what the village needs are and to prioritize them. Safranek said he would also seek grants, as well as TIF funds, to finance various projects.

Redgranite Area Fire Department Fire Chief Jim Angelo addressed the board to inform them that a steel platform that hangs off a ledge at the quarry should be examined and reinforced.  He explained that multiple swimmers at a time stand on it and jump off of it, and during the Quarry Clean-Up, the rocks that helped reinforce it were removed, leaving it not as sturdy.  

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