Hancock Board considers supporting future police training facility

Hancock Village Board members discussed the possible police training facility Wautoma would like to build and whether supporting it monetarily would be beneficial to the village during their regular meeting on July 10.

Wautoma has showed an interest in purchasing land for a police facility to provide training opportunities for the entire county. The local police force would like to donate $250 to help aid in the training and development of police officers and the facility, with the board considering matching this amount. The board has, however, waiting to make a decision until it has more information, including how much other towns plan to donate to this facility.

The board reviewed a recent Pine Lake District Meeting, where water levels were reported to have risen over four feet – a record high since 2015. Due to this new water level, some homes on the western side of Pine Lake currently have water frontage that previously did not. The Pine Lake District Meeting discussed moving these homes into the lake district after a period of several years to see if the water level stays at this height.

The board went on to review the proceedings from a July 6 meeting where members discussed not charging residents of the Village of Hancock, Town of Hancock and Town of Deerfield for hosting a funeral luncheon at the community center. The funeral costs have previously been $50.

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