County Board reorganizes EMS Department

ard voted unanimously to reorganize the county’s EMS Department during its March 17 regular meeting.

The reorganization removes the vacant Deputy Director position and reallocates funds to add a full-time relief Paramedic position to assist with coverage on ambulances and a clerical position to assist with department efficiency. Each shift will have a designated Lead Paramedic who has daily operational decision-making authority.

In other business, the board unanimously:

•Approved the 2015 County Surveyor Contract for Marquette County to provide Waushara County with a surveyor. The county will pay $35,000 for the service, which is a $5,000 increase compared to last year.

•Approved a reimbursement policy for subpoenaed witnesses. The county will reimburse individuals who are required to be present overnight for the purposes of a subpoena for meals, the most economical form of transportation available and the base rate for a hotel room.