Common council approves removing library mural

uring the July 13 Wautoma Common Council regular meeting, the council unanimously approved hiring Longsine Painting, Wautoma, to remove the current library mural, which is in bad repair, and apply a finishing coat of paint, for a total cost of $5,000. 

The removal plan involves a 4-step plan, including: (1) removing loose paint, tuck-pointing and caulking where needed; (2) sealing the block with a lock-coat primer/sealer; (3) block-filling with “Elastic Merreck” coating; and (4) applying a finishing coat color, to match the library building as close as is possible. Mayor John Nixon said the work should not affect traffic, but will temporarily affect pedestrians walking in that area.

Mayor Nixon told the council that the wall repair should last approximately 15-20 years. Longsine expects to have the work completed by the Aug. 8 Augustfest event. Nixon said the library board will be responsible to decide what type of artwork/design should be applied to the wall to enhance the library wall/downtown Wautoma.

Former Millpond Task Force chairman and city resident Neal Olson attended the council meeting, voicing his concern about the proposed location of the Millpond fishing hole and pier.  He told the council that locating the fishing hole and pier between the library park and the World War II Memorial Building is not a good idea because of the congestion in that area—parking lot, snow piles, catering trucks, playground equipment, two walking gardens, etc.  

Olson reminded the council of the Millpond Task Force recommendations, which included the pier placement in the former Gables lot area, have already been approved by the council. After more discussion, a Millpond Action Committee meeting was tentatively scheduled for 5 p.m.  Monday, July 27 at city hall. City Administrator/Clerk/Treasurer Tommy Bohler said that the public is welcome to attend the meeting.

Following that discussion, Alderman Aaron Grimm said a city resident recently voiced his concern to him about refilling the Millpond, questioning whether it should remain the way it is rather than being refilled. 

Grimm stated that he, personally, has not had a flooded basement since the drawdown and would tend to agree that the drawdown should continue. Bohler stated that most people he has talked to about the Millpond drawdown would like to see it refilled, but he stated he had no statistics on how many feel that way. Mayor Nixon questioned whether the topic should be put to referendum in the next election. 

In his City Administrator/Clerk/Treasurer monthly report, Bohler told the council that bids for the bond issuance came in at 1.6 percent rather than the 2 percent previously projected by Ehlers and Associates. This will save the city approximately $15,000.  The bond issuance is for the St. Marie Street/parking lot project and the Prairie Street Lift Station project, which are scheduled to begin in late July or early August. 

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