Coloma Village Board approves 2018 budget

The Village of Coloma Board met in special session on to present the 2018 budget to the public for review and discussion in Nov. 16. 

The items reviewed, and were slightly increased from 2017 to 2018, included street repair and maintenance, an increase of $3,730.13, and a $1,200 increase to the Anna Follett Community Center budget. Most other items in the 2018 budget remained the same, or varied only slightly. After discussion on the budget, the board voted unanimously to approve the new budget, of $464,550.42 with a levy of $248,299.

Also, the new General Property Tax for the Village was announced as a total of $248,299, which is a part of the overall budget, and the board authorized the Village Clerk the authority to assess this rate on the current tax rolls of the Village, also approved unanimously.

Earlier, members of the Economic Development Com-mittee met with members of the Wisconsin Economic Development Committee to discuss possible solutions to the further development of Coloma. The members of the WADC included, Jon Bartz, Regional Economic Development director; George Petak, with Workforce Hous-ing; and Lisa Reeder, with CAP Services of Wautoma.

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