Coloma Police Department received a plaque honoring their exemplary actions over the past few months on Dec. 22 during the Coloma Board Meeting at the Anna Follett Memorial Center, Coloma.  Pictured are: Stacy Vaccaro, Wally Zuehlke, Scott Eagan and Tim McCarthy.

Coloma Board honors police department

The Coloma Village Board recognized the police department for its exemplary actions the officers displayed over the past few months with a plaque on Dec. 22 during their regular board meeting at the Anna Follett Memorial Center, Coloma. 

The police  department was honored with a plaque for the way officers handled two serious situations that occurred in the village over the past few months.

The first situation the board referenced involved a man and a woman who stole a car from Adams County. After the call came in to the Coloma Police Department, the part-time chief saw the vehicle right away at a train station and kept the couple there until back up arrived, according to Village of Coloma President Arden Bandt.