Coloma Board approves dog limit exemption request

During the Coloma Village Board meeting on July 27, new Coloma resident Stephanie Greco-Disher spoke during public comments requesting the two dogs per household ordinance be lifted for her and her four dogs.

Previously residing in Almond, Greco-Disher moved to Coloma to purchase a large property in hopes of taking a different path in her medical career. After buying a residence in the village, she decided to renovate and make it accessible and functional for those in need of assisted living.

While residing in Almond, Greco-Disher had four dogs in her household, two of them belonging to her and two to her son. She has always taken care of all four of them during the daytime while her son works, and uses them as therapy dogs for patients, as she specializes in medical care for the elderly.

After learning she could only have two dogs in her household in Coloma, she approached the board and requested the ordinance be lifted for her special circumstance.

Greco-Disher highlighted, “Two of them are quite old and will not be replaced, they all serve as great therapy dogs for patients.” She also made a point to explain her son’s dogs spend 20 percent of their time in Almond.

The board approved her request under the condition the two older dogs will not be replaced once deceased, and with the understanding the dogs be used for therapy purposes.

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