City of Wautoma mayoral candidate Marv Wagner answers questionnaire

1. Why do you want to serve as mayor?

This is the same answer I have always given. I have the ability and with that ability I think I have been able to contribute to our community in various ways. 

2. What do you consider the most pressing item facing the City of Wautoma?

Lack of economic growth is probably the biggest problem we have. If you are retired this probably doesn’t mean as much to you, but our younger people have had a hard time finding decent employment. The welding school I pushed to develop in Wautoma was intended to be a stepping-stone to better jobs in Wautoma and the area.

3. Are there changes you plan to implement? If so, what are they?

We have to develop our TIF Districts. Retail Commerce has to be the focus of Wautoma in that we are a tourist area and we certainly can exploit that fact. Our Main Street continues to be underused and developed. We all pay higher taxes when the valuation of our commercial areas are so low. 

4. What infrastructure do you think needs to be improved?

I started to address the sewer system problems as mayor before. Thank goodness most of that has been implemented. The Mill Pond has always been the crown jewel of our downtown area and its restoration must be finished. Access to our industrial park must be maintained and expanded. 


5. What are two of the most important unsolved challenges facing Wautoma that you would focus on as mayor?

Two challenges facing Wautoma? Illegal drugs and a thriving economy.

6. What ideas do you have to help stimulate the city’s economy?

Encourage small business. The garage startup business too often is stifled before it gets a chance to flourish. The City needs to help a “mom and pop” business to start not add ordinances that simply scream “not in my backyard”. Times are changing. Seldom do big companies just move into a community, they have to be courted and encouraged.

7. What experience do you have that would help you serve as mayor?

I have been a local government elected official in one capacity or another for more years than almost anyone in this county. I’ve been blessed to have been able to develop a couple of the biggest public works projects in this county. Sometimes steering a public project in the right direction has indeed been hard and personally costly. I am not sorry for any of them as they have bettered our area.