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City of Wautoma mayoral candidate John Nixon answers questionnaire

1. Why do you want to serve as mayor?

Being mayor or a council member is no easy task; those tasks need to be addressed with the best interest of the public in mind. At times they are not the easiest decisions to make. Serving the public to the best of your abilities is a continuous learning curve. Wautoma needs to grow with prosperity and build to the future.

2. What do you consider the most pressing item facing the City of Wautoma?

It is no surprise to all the residents and businesses in the city that the most pressing issue we have at our doorstep is the high sewer rates. Although we have kept them at bay the last two years, we need to continue making steps to reduce our flow rate. With the improvement to our sewer system in 2013 we have reduced the flow to Silver Lake Sanitary District, which should assist in keeping our rates down. There are still other areas in the city sewer system to be improved to reduce our overall cost of doing business.

3. Are there changes you plan to implement? If so, what are they? 

As I have said before, the taxpayers of Wautoma have options. Restoring confidence in our city government is crucial working together for the good of the city, first and foremost is top priority.

4. What infrastructure do you think needs to be improved?

Referring back to Question 2, having our sewer system updated would be a huge benefit to the city; road improvements also have a very large impact on how people view our city. Once the infrastructure has these types of improvements there is a very strong possibility that business will follow, being large or small, having a big impact on our local economy, local jobs, and citywide improvements.

5. What are two of the most important unsolved challenges facing Wautoma that you would focus on as mayor?

As we all know, our downtown is slowly deteriorating, which everyone has as a constant reminder of driving down the main street. Not to take away from the fact there is a glimmer of hope with the Northeast side of Main Street with the growth of current business and the revitalization of a new one to bring more small businesses to our downtown area helping to attract more people to the other businesses in our downtown area. This is why we need to keep up the hard work. There still is much more work to be done.

Second of all, since the housing crisis, the city has almost succumbed to a record amount of foreclosures, which has the emergence of quite a few rental properties. Putting people back in their own homes with pride in ownership is a large task and undergoing to improve our city’s value.

6. What ideas do you have to help stimulate the city’s economy?

First of all, improving our infrastructure so that it may be attractive to business whether it is large or small is an important factor to attract business to the Wautoma area. Once these goals are achieved, there will be a higher percentage of businesses having to assist in growing our economy.

7. What experience do you have that would help serve as mayor?

For over 27 years, I have served as a businessperson in the Wautoma, Waushara County area. I have been involved in many projects and organizations, such as Waushara County Chamber of Commerce, Coloma Economic Development Corporation, Coloma Business Association, Kiwanis, and Founder and Coordinator of Waushara County Crime Stoppers Canine Brat Fry in Coloma for the past five years, along with my experience in the last two years serving as mayor.