City approves new Millpond Action Committee

A new Millpond Action Committee, consisting of Wautoma City Council member Ed Hernandez, Public Works Foreman Matt Renner, and city resident Ralph Shemanski, in addition to the city administrator/clerk/treasurer was approved during the March 9 regular city council meeting. The approval came following a presentation and recommendation by Millpond Task Force Committee Chairman Neal Olson.

Olson reviewed the progress made by the former Millpond Task Force, praising the work and dedication his committee members/volunteers did on the Millpond project. He announced that the task force has done its work and that the city must now move ahead with the final stages of the project, including burning and refilling the Millpond. 

Olson said he recommended the three because of their experience and knowledge, citing Hernandez for his wetland expertise and credentials in conservation; Shemanski for his 40 years of Millpond interest, willingness, and availability and Renner for his knowledge/experience in public works. 

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