Brian Donaldson, Waushara County Director  of Emergency Medical Services

Waushara County EMS assists Adams County throughout summer

When the Adams County Emergency Services (ACES) was forced to shut down on May 20 and the county was left without service, Waushara County stepped up to the plate to help.

“When you have a neighbor in need, you help them out,” said Brian Donaldson, Waushara County Director of Emergency Medical Services.

Donaldson and Waushara County were contacted by the state and after some discussion and days of working together to get everything in place, Waushara County began the process to take over the emergency medical services for nine Adams County municipalities. “It was not easy to get everything in place with the state. It took two very long days,” said Donaldson.

Baraboo District Ambulance Service provided services for the first week after the shutdown, but at 5 p.m. on May 27, Waushara County officially began covering the nine Adams County municipalities, including City of Adams, Town of Adams, Town of Easton, Village of Friendship, Town of Lincoln, Town of Preston, Town of Quincy, Town of Springville and Town of Strongs Prairie.

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