Wild Rose Presbyterian Church celebrated 110 years on Nov. 12

Members of Wild Rose Presbyterian Church celebrated the congregation’s 110th year of worship and ministry on Nov. 12.

The Congregation was chartered on Nov. 22, 1907, when 35 people met in the Rose Township Hall on River Street to organize as a congregation. They chose the name “Horeb” for their new congregation. Martha Jane Jones, whose family home stands at 629 Dewey Street, Wild Rose, was the first person baptized in the new congregation in December of 1908.  

The Horeb Church merged with the Caersalem Church, which was located on Highway 22 north of Wild Rose, in 1925. They discontinued use of the Caersalem Church building and maintained the Horeb Church building in the Village of Wild Rose. Welsh language services were also discontinued. The church’s name changed to Wild Rose Presbyterian Church in January of 1959.

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