Wild Rose Elementary Principal Matt Wilbert, Sarah Freund of Fond du Lac, Wild Rose Elementary student Ella Voskuil and Sue Freund posed for a photo after the Feb. 28 program at the Wild Rose High School Auditorium. Voskuil was instrumental in helping to plan the program after learning about acts of kindness.

Wild Rose students learn a lesson in kindness from Sarah Freund

After learning about practicing acts of kindness, Wild Rose student Ella Voskuil felt a guest speaker would help her as well as the other elementary and middle school students to better understand the importance of being kind.

Voskuil, receiving help from fellow student Laura Babcock, and Elementary Principal Matt Wilbert, welcomed Sarah Freund of Fond du Lac as well as her mother, Sue, to the Wild Rose High School Auditorium on Feb. 28.

Sarah was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome, a condition which effects the physical looks of a person. She is now 18 years old and has graduated from high school and is attending college at Moraine Park Technical Institute in Fond du Lac as well as Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton.

Today, Sarah and her mother go around and speak to groups about the experiences they have had because of Sarah’s condition and try to put people at ease about her looks and her abilities.

Reference was made to the book and newly-released movie, “Wonder”, at the beginning of the assembly. Sarah had to have numerous surgeries, including surgeries to help shave her forehead, jawbone and cheekbones. She has a trachea to help her breathe, a hearing aid that has been implanted on the side of her head because she has no outer ear.

People, especially chil-dren, had looked upon Sarah as being a monster, avoided talking to her, playing with her or choosing her for a team. There were a number of bullies she has had to deal with over her life, but Sarah wasn’t totally alone when attending school, for a nurse always followed her around.

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