Pictured are Spanish National Honors Society members: (back row): Anna Shillinglaw, Kayla Fenner, Elsbeth Hamilton, Mirra Vogel, Savanna Reichhoff and Levi Holly; (middle row): Mikayla Flyte, Kaytlan Huff, Robynn Leverich, Kali Gardner and Josh Lozoya; and (front row): Amberlee Herrera, Lily Wagner, Taylor Ellis, Sarah Oechsner and Olivia Driscoll.

Westfield recognizes Spanish National Honor Society Members

Westfield Area High School recognized the returning members and new inductees to the La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, or Spanish National Honors Society, on Feb. 21. 

The students were honored in their Spanish classes for their dedication to learning Spanish and for the excellence with which they have done so.

The Don Quijote Chapter of La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica welcomed back seniors and two-year members, Kayla Fenner, Kali Gardner, Elsbeth Hamilton, Levi Holly, Kaytlan Huff, Robynn Leverich and Mirra Vogel at the ceremony. Two additional seniors in the Spanish 4 class, Joshua Lozoya and Savanna Reichhoff, were inducted as new members this year.             All of senior members of the Westfield La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica will receive red and gold honor cords to wear at their graduation ceremony in the spring.

The Chapter also welcomed the new inductees from the Spanish 3 Class, including Olivia Driscoll, Taylor Ellis, Mikayla Flyte, Amberlee Herrera, Sarah Oechsner, Anna Shillinglaw and Lily Wagner.

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