Westfield attends SCC Honors Choir at Wautoma High School

Selected members of the Westfield Area High School Choir were chosen to travel to Wautoma High School to take part in the South Central Conference Honors Choir on Feb. 12. The students were chosen by WAHS Choral Director Lori Temanson to collaborate with other students throughout the conference for an evening performance at the McComb/Bruchs Performing Arts Center. Pictured are: (back row): Kayla Fenner, Robynn Leverich, Lillian Radzikinas, Skye Schmudlach, Sarah Oechsner and Elsbeth Hamilton; (middle row): Logan Baumann, Soslan Temanson, Zach Wacholtz, Nate Winkler, Dan Petersen, Alex Meiller, Trey Zinke and Rayann Thompson; (front row): Savanna Reichhoff, Mira Vogel, Kaytlan Huff, Noah Sackett, Kayla Anagnostopoulos, Kali Gardner and Jewel Davis.

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