Advancing to state are: (back row): Justin Welch, Jacob Marks, Amber Cayer, Zach Kubasta, Peter Soenksen; (middle row): Elli Becker, Tricia Schneider, LJ Gillet, Natalie Galster, Ryan Riley, and Orion Duelge; (front row): Nick Surprise, Devon Esperes, Lilly Koehler, Selena Melby, Briana Wycoff, and Trevor Behm. Not pictured: Mietta Koltz, Alex Lund, Marrissa Simonson, Sam Hernandez, McKenna Hendrickson, Lexie Koerner, and Aisling Modrow.

Wautoma state-bound Solo & Ensemble band students

Twenty-four Wautoma High School Band students advanced to the State Solo & Ensemble competition having competed in the district contest on March 7.

The band students who advanced to state include: Orion Duelge, Alto Sax Solo, Alto Sax Improv, Sax Choir, Jazz Ensemble; Tricia Schneider, Flute Solo, Sax Choir, Jazz Ensemble; Mietta Koltz, Flute Solo; Ryan Riley, Sax Choir; Lilly Koehler, Sax Choir; Selena Melby, Sax Choir; Devin Esperes, Sax Choir; Trevor Behm, Sax Choir, Jazz Ensemble; Justin Welch, Sax Choir; Alex Lund, Sax Choir, Jazz Ensemble; Marrissa Simonson, Sax Choir; Amber Cayer, Jazz Ensemble; L.J. Gillet, Jazz Ensemble; Devin Bertzyk, Jazz Ensemble; Sam Hernandez, Jazz Ensemble; Briana Wycoff, Jazz Ensemble; McKenna Hendrickson, Jazz Ensemble; Lexie Koerner, Jazz Ensemble; Elli Becker, Jazz Ensemble; Peter Soenksen, Jazz Ensemble; Aisling Modrow, Jazz Ensemble; Jacob Marks, Jazz Ensemble.