Wautoma School Board approves alternative compensation concept

The Wautoma Area School District Alternative Compensation Committee presented to the board answers to questions submitted about the Alternative Compensation Plan during the March 16 regular meeting held in the Wautoma High School Library.

The committee requested the board approve the concept of the plan rather than the entire plan as they “want to make sure the approved plan is as good as we possibly can get it,” said committee member and Board President David Peterson. 

After reviewing answers to the questions board submitted after the business meeting on March 9, the board held a discussion and later went on to approve the alternative compensation concept. 

The Alternative Compensation Plan presented during the March 9 business meeting is in two parts, a yearly increase of $500 if a staff member is an effective or distinguished teacher, and allows staff every three to six years to earn an additional pay increase through the accumulation of points dependent on the completion of specific requirements within five categories: further education, professional development, district initiatives, community outreach, and electives.

“The laid out plan encourages teachers in areas we value; community service, professional development,” said Business Manager Cindy Reilly. “It encourages professional development; encourages them to stay longer; encourages education that matters.”

Board member Barry Mastricola added, “The exciting part is what it’s going to be like in three, six, nine years. I’m excited to see how this transfers into the schools…One thing we’ve got to do is take care of our staff as long as it transfers to our students.”


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