Tom Rheinheimer (center) was hired as the district administrator for Wautoma Area Schools during a special meeting of the Wautoma Area School Board on Nov. 2. Pictured with Rheinheimer is Wautoma Area School Board President Ross Peterson and current District Administrator Jeff Kasuboski. Rheinheimer will officially take over the position when Kasuboski retires on July 1.

Wautoma Area School Board hires district administrator from within

Tom Rheinheimer to take over new position on July 1

The Wautoma Area School Board unanimously approved Wautoma High School Principal Tom Rheinheimer as the new district administrator during a special meeting on Nov. 2 at the District Office. Rheinheimer, who has been with WASD for the past 19 years, will take over the position after current District Administrator Jeff Kasuboski retires on July 1.

When searching for someone to take over the position from Kasuboski, the Wautoma Area School Board placed the district administrator position on the Wisconsin Education Career Access Network. Overall, the board received about 15 applicants and chose to interview three before making the decision that their internal candidate was the right person for the job.

“Our goal as a board was to attract the highest quality of candidates and take them through our vetting process to allow us to determine and hire the individual we felt possessed the vision and strategy to take us forward as a district,” said Wautoma Area School Board President Ross Peterson. “We want to continue to evolve as the destination school district of choice in the area and feel Tom Rheinheimer is the person who will help us stay on this path.”

Peterson added the board felt Kasuboski laid out the foundation for the district to grow, and, with Rheinheimer, there is that consistency.

“Anybody with experience in sports can attest that score is sometimes secondary when momentum is evident and the Wautoma Area School District clearly has it,” he said. “We as a board feel strongly that Tom is the correct person to use this momentum and foundation along with his own innovative plans to continue to build the WASD as a destination district.”

Rheinheimer emphasized he appreciated the fact the position was open to internal and external candidates, which allowed the board the opportunity to review all candidates.

“If you give somebody something, there is always going to be some doubt behind that and that can breed into other unhealthy relationships,” he said. “By doing it this way, it removes any doubt and you just move forward on a clean slate because you did the right thing.”

With many of the board members feeling as though they knew Rheinheimer’s vision for the district having worked with him for so many years, Peterson stated during the interview process the board found out even more positive things they didn’t know about him.

“Had we given him the job versus him earning the job, I don’t think we would have had the opportunity to see the passion and to see the detailed initiative strategies that he has going forward,” he said. “Tom’s been here – he’s a Wautoma guy. That came across loud and clear in the interview process, but he also has his own initiative strategies to guarantee our success going forward.”

Kasuboski added Rheinheimer was really the best person for the job because he is a “mover and a shaker.”

“He’s made some real reforms at both schools he has been at; made the atmosphere significantly better than it was previously and that will continue. I have no question,” he said. “He’s got the drive to succeed.”

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