Tri-County Schools & Plainfield Police respond to social media threat

The Tri-County High School and Plainfield Police Department have been investigating a threat made by a student on social media on March 21.

District Administrator Anthony Marinack said a letter from 7-12 Principal Nicholas Marti was sent out to the parents on March 22 regarding the status of the school’s response. 

In the letter, Marti stated, “First and foremost, in interviews with both police and school administration, the student has expressed significant regret and remorse for his actions and emphasizes that he had no intention of harming anyone. Regardless of the intent, however, both police and our school have and are responding in a very serious fashion.”

Marti also expressed that he was notifying the parents in an effort to not scare anyone, “but, rather, to reassure you that the situation is being firmly addressed. At this time, we feel confident that there exists no current threat to the safety and welfare of our students. We wish to emphasize to all that we will remain a zero-tolerance stance on this type of act, regardless of intent.”

Marinack said the school was notified of the social media-related post at about 8:30 p.m. on March 21 and the Plainfield Police Department took action right away. 

Since the threat was made, the individual has not been allowed back on school grounds, according to Marinack. The District has also begun their own investigation and has spoken to the student over the telephone. 

The Plainfield Police Chief Kevin Fenske stated the department took the threat very seriously and took action quickly. Fenske added that he could not comment more on the case due to the fact that possible charges are pending with the Waushara County District Attorney’s Office but confirmed “the community is safe.”

In the final paragraph of Marti’s letter, he requested parents have a discussion with their children about the seriousness of making threatening comments.

“While indeed, humor may allow for a broad range of topics to be used as satire, school violence I clearly not within that range,” Marti wrote. “Any help you may be able to provide in helping your child treat this topic with the seriousness and maturity it requires is very much appreciated.”