The students from the 4K and 5K class at Pleasant View pictured are: (back row): Kailey Nelson, Kylin Wright, Suryiah Hottenstien, Makenna Jewell, Riley Lambert, Jimmy Bleecker, Brijette Repp, and Addison Mankowski; (front row): Mackenzie Kelly, Ben Mason Olson, Easton Wright, Madison Grambsch, Jaxon Fischer, and Denna Gerhke.

Pleasant View students become superheroes for the Red Cross

As an effort to raise money for the American Red Cross, Wild Rose School District decided to do a fundraiser where students donated a dollar to dress up like a superhero of their choice. 

This fundraiser turned into more than just a way to wear something fun to school. The teachers at Pleasant View Elementary used this fundraiser as a learning experience, as there are so many people who are real-life superheroes. 

The students learned about the people who fight their own battles every day, and manage to do it with a smile on their face. As educators, the Pleasant View staff wanted to make a point to teach the children that everyone can be a superhero, if they do their best to be the best person they can be.