Eighth grader Preston Jaeger lets go of his team’s paper airplane during the STEM Class Paper Airplane Competition on March 10 at Parkside Middle School.

Parkside STEM Class hosts paper airplane competition

The Parkside Middle School students in Tina Engel’s 8th grade Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Class recently used the Engineering Design Process to create the best paper airplanes for a competition held on Friday, March 10.

The students researched the forces that affect paper airplane flight, and used this knowledge to design and create airplanes they thought would work. After creating airplanes they were able to test their prototypes to make improvements prior to the contest.

The competition focused on three categories: farthest flight, fastest 30-foot flight and longest hang-time. The winners of the March 10 competition were: Longest Flight: 59 feet 10 inches, airplane by Guy Duelge, Saul Peralta and Antonio Cervantes; Longest Hang Time: 2.73 seconds, airplane by Oliver Medina and Andrew Wallenhorst; and Fastest 30-Foot Flight: 0.665 seconds, which converts to 30.75 miles per hour, airplane by Diana Duran, Harleigh Eagan and Taylor Belfeuil.

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