Owen Mulvey and Christina Hope harvest Parkside’s Tower Garden

Parkside Middle School 8th grader Owen Mulvey and Wautoma Area School District Curriculum/Assessment Assistant Christina Hope harvested their first bushel of lettuce of the school year from the Tower Gardens located in the middle school cafeteria on Nov. 16. The two towers grow organic lettuce from 52 pods which is then harvested every two weeks to be used in the elementary and middle school food programs. Hope, who has had an interest in Tower Gardens for six years, received a grant from Whole Kids Foundation to purchase Parkside’s Tower Gardens in 2016 in effort to provide students the opportunity to learn an alternative way to gardening without any pesticides. The towers provide an automatic water and light source that runs throughout the day, with Mulvey assisting Hope in measuring the water pH and adding chemicals to make sure the pH is at the proper level. 

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