Lillian, Olney, and Arlene Holt

For over 25 years the Holt scholarship committee has awarded more than $1.4 million to area students

To many when they hear of the Holt Family Scholarship, they really only know that they award considerable scholarships to Wild Rose and Wautoma graduates. Little do they know that the Holt Family of Wild Rose, including Olney, Arlene and Lillian, set up the scholarship fund. Their love of education and youth prompted them to leave a lasting legacy that has continued for 25 years and will continue for many generations.

Arlene and Lillian were born in the early 1900’s and both became school teachers. Arlene taught at the Wild Rose School for most of her career. She taught English the first several years, then finished her career as the school librarian. Lillian taught in Wausau, Wauwatosa, and Mt. Morris before retiring.

Years before their death, Arlene (1991) and Lillian (1992) had planned the scholarship fund. When the students receive the Holt Family Scholarship do they really know the love and consideration that went into this fund? Here was a family, a brother and two sisters, never married, well educated, with their heart in education and their faith deep in their church, Mt. Morris Holden Lutheran, where they were lifelong members. They believed in Wild Rose where they lived and all it offered - the library, the hospital, the museum, the community improvement association; these places also received a portion of their estate.

Basically the majority of their estate was designated as a scholarship fund for local students to make a difference, not just for today but for generations and generations, a legacy that has not only helped financially but has given hope to many. The actual $1 million scholarship fund was set up by Arlene and Lillian in their wills.

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