Focus 2025: Mental Health Update

In the past few years, school district conversations continue to center around how we support all of our students to be successful. In those conversations, the discussion at some point turns to focus on how difficult it seems for some students to stay on task, struggle in regulating their emotional and social self, behaviors that require immediate interventions, and concern about how these students most often struggle academically. Educators are asking how we support these students. Mental health concerns in our schools across the state and the nation have become an emphasis for concern.

At a state level, more students are being diagnosed with mental health conditions more than ever before. In the past years, Wautoma has seen more students identified with emotional behavior disabilities. At elementary levels there is an increase in students having mental health concerns due to trauma in their young lives.

Professional and paraprofessional staff struggle in providing adequate support within the classrooms due to lack of advanced training in the area of trauma. Administrators have concerns about safety of all students, as well as the costs that add-up quickly if students require individual programs and possible off-site placement for their education.

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