Focus 2025: The Benefits of a Fox Valley Technical College Education

Tom Rheinheimer, Wautoma High School Principal

At Wautoma High School, our teaching, counseling, and administrative staff engage in frequent conversations with our students regarding their plans after high school graduation.  These conversations and planning sessions for postsecondary opportunities involve the benefits of either applying for a four-year college; applying for a two-year college; joining a branch of the military; or joining the workforce directly out of high school. 

Our School Counseling Staff, Chandra McCarthy-Cardoso and Amanda Prodell, specifically provide our students with up-to-date information regarding all of these options, so students can make the best decision possible regarding their current needs and their future interests.  

With Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) constructing a state of the art regional center on the Wautoma High School Campus for the 2018-19 school year, this article will focus on the benefits of receiving a Fox Valley Technical education.

Wautoma High School is located within the boundaries of the Fox Valley Technical College portion of the Wisconsin Technical College system. The Fox Valley Technical College main campus and public safety campus are located in the Appleton area with regional campuses located in Oshkosh, Wautoma, Waupaca, Clintonville, and Chilton. As stated above, new construction of the FVTC Wautoma Regional Center on the Wautoma High School Campus will begin in April of 2018.

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