Almond-Bancroft Schools aim to upgrade curriculum, instruction

Strong curriculum and instructional strategies are the backbone of successful schools. But training teachers and updating curriculum come at a cost.

That’s why the Almond-Bancroft School District will ask residents to support a $525,000 recurring operating referendum at the April 3 spring election to make that happen. The funds will be used to improve curriculum and instructional methods, address facility and site maintenance, attract and keep highly qualified teachers, and upgrade technology.

The school tax rate will not increase if the referendum is approved, stated District Administrator Richard Han-son. This year the district will pay off its debt for the 1998 building addition and the 2013 technology referendum. That means the $525,000 additional revenue can be levied without any increase in the school tax rate.

“In education, the cur-riculum is the blueprint of how and what we teach our students,” he said. “A curriculum must be an ever-evolving piece of work that is continually being updated and revised to meet the growing needs of our students.”

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