Almond-Bancroft School Board votes to run operating referendum this spring

The Almond-Bancroft School Board will ask dis-trict voters to support a $525,000 recurring operating referendum during the April 3, 2018, spring election.  

The board voted 6-0 at its Dec. 20 meeting to hold the referendum, calling it a major step toward securing a sound financial future for the district.

The added financial support will not result in increased property taxes as the funding will be offset by the District retiring a $425,000 building referendum and a $75,000 technology referendum, both of which expire at the end of the 2017-18 school year. 

The referendum is de-signed to address four major areas, updating and upgrading curriculum and instructional needs: facility and site maintenance, retaining and recruiting highly qualified teachers, and continuing to update the technology its students use to learn.

The board understands this is a very significant decision it is asking the voters of the District to make, and it wants the voters to be well informed. To accomplish that, the board appointed Bonnie Warzynski, Kim Weiss and Debbie Bradley as members of the Referendum Information Committee. 

The committee’s task will be to inform residents about how the funds generated by the referendum will allow the District to be financially stable and provide the best possible educational experience for its children. The committee’s first meeting will be held in early January.