Wautoma Area School District Begins Community Conversation – Focus 2025

The Wautoma Area School District Vision 2025 Design Team met for the first time on Dec. 7, 2015 at Wautoma High School to plan the “Community Conversation” and began working on a long range strategic plan to carry our children into the future. “The purpose of this conversation is to provide every resident in the Wautoma Area School District an opportunity in evolving a vision for the future of our children and our community.”

The community conversation will be held from March 31 through April 2 at the Mt. Morris Conference Center.

The Design Team is made up of the following members of our community: Dr. Don Nelson, Kerri Bray, Gary Christensen, Steve Norlin, Wendy Appel, Mary Kunasch, Lee Wise, Tom Dahlke, Tom Rheinheimer, Clyde Simonson, Stephanie Tetzlaff, Alan Stea, Jeff Kasuboski and  facilitator Drew Howick. 

The team worked together to identify people to invite to the community conversation. 

The Design Team identified the following topics for the community meeting. 

Focus on the Past - Look at the history and analyze it.

Focus on the Present – Issues and Trends. 

Focus on the Future – Knowledge, Skills & Attributes – what does the community want to see? 

Focus on the Future – Creating the Future – What will be happening 10-15 years from now. We are listening for themes. In fielding questions on the success rate of such a process Drew shared that if you get the right people in the room and structure the conversation right-you will get the message of what is important. 

Follow up to the Community Conversation-The the administrative team and the board will take these ideas and work to implement them. This is a long-term vision – not a short term vision or fix. In fielding questions on the success of the implementations this process creates the energy and the expectation that something actually happens following the community conversation.

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