Wautoma Area School District Begins Community Conversation – Focus 2025

In July of 2015 the Wautoma Area School District Board of Education decided to begin working on a long range strategic plan to carry our children into the future. After researching facilitators for the process the board decided to hire Patina Solutions as our facilitator for this process.

On Oct. 26, 2015 the Wautoma Area School District Board of Education and the District’s Administration sat down with Drew Howick, Patina Solutions, to plan a conversation with our community as it relates to the future of the Wautoma Area School District.  

“The purpose of this conversation is to provide every resident in the Wautoma Area School District an opportunity in evolving a vision for the future of our children and our community.” This community conversation will be held March 31, April 1 & 2 at the Mt. Morris Conference Center.

In the initial conversation, the board identified the following reasons to have a community conversation.

1. Give a voice to our community.

2. Build bridges – partnerships – bonds between the district and different community groups - we need to see the commonalities we both have.

3. When we lose our public schools we lose our community – we all have a lot at stake.

4. Discover ways the school district can be a leader in strengthening our community.

5. Ensure our graduates are properly prepared – skills to reach their full potential.

6. Increase communication and strengthen community partnerships.

7. Identify the issues and trends that shape our community.

8. Identify community needs and ready our graduates to enter the workforce – how can we help each other?

The group was charged with identifying key stake holders to create the “Design Team”.  This group of people will be charged with putting together the community meeting and identifying people to invite to the meeting. The design team consists of at least one person from each of the following categories; Business owner, Teacher, Current Student, Senior Citizen, Elected Official, Student Alumni, Parents, School Administrator, School Board Member, and a Media representative.

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