1906 Waushara County Atlas donated to the Pine River Library

The article, “Mr. and Mrs. Peck to Share Accounts of Early County History with Argus Readers” was printed in the Waushara Argus on Sept. 26, 1967. This article was the first in their column later named: “Pine River Past,” which appeared on the editorial page running approximately 45 columns on the History of Pine River in 1967 and 1968.

In 1961, Doris and George Peck began to study legal records of deeds, mortgages, Census records, and even Cemetery Markers, along with Town of Leon families offering information to trace the Early Settlers and their occupations back more than 100 years.

Recently a 1906 Waushara County Atlas was donated to the Pine River Library of Leon and Saxeville from the Peck Estate. The 1906 Platbook is from the A.M. Kimball Store, which closed in 1963. 

The historical treasure joins the entire report George and Doris Peck authored titled “Historical Facts about the Village of Pine River, Waushara County, Wisconsin 1851-1964.” 

Many don’t know that Pine River was the County Seat at one time. Quoting their Facts:  “Business in Pine River on January 1, 1880 reached its all time high. The businesses in operation were 1 wagonshop, 1 sawmill, 1 gristmill, 1 hotel, 3 stores, 1 shoemaker, 2 blacksmith shops, 1 millinery shop and 1 cranberry marsh.” The Pine River Cheese and Dairy Creamery Association didn’t come until 1890.

Quoting again from their original article of 1967:  “Besides the authentic history the Pecks have three albums of mounted pictures with descriptions and one album of old legal documents and their writings include scale maps drawn to show early homes and places of business in Pine River and also 17 biographies.”  

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