Waushara County Human Services Public Forum to be held June 27

Board of the Waushara County Department of Human Services will hold a Public Forum inviting local citizen input into the Department’s 2018 annual budget, service priorities and future planning. The forum will be held on Tuesday, June 27, at 9 a.m. in Room 109 of the Waushara County Courthouse, 213 West Park Street, Wautoma.

Waushara County Department of Human Services administers a broad range of state mandated services including Adult Protective Services, Birth to Three Program, Child Protective Services, Youth Justice Services, and Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention Services. The Department also oversees and distributes State programs and funds from private agencies/donors to Waushara County citizens who meet specific qualifications. se programs include Badger Care, Medical Assistance, Food Share, Childcare Assistance and other emergency services. The Department monitors the quality of services provided to local residents and ensures that Federal, State and local funds are used appropriately.

Waushara County’s Department of Human Services provides crucial programming for community members. Many citizens are suffering from traumatic and painful life events such as the loss of a loved one, family abandonment, medical problems, etc. One of our consumers recently commented that if it had not been for Human Services staff, she “probably wouldn’t have survived” a recent crisis. She had wonderful things to say about Human Services staff’s patience and caring attitude. This type of feedback happens frequently and is a reflection of the hard work and dedication provided by the Department’s staff.

Services collaborates with regional partners in order to better meet the needs of our consumers while pooling resources. Such a partner recently commented that the staff of the Waushara County Human Services is a pleasure to work with. Another partner reported witnessing our staff defusing and de-escalating challenging circumstances. The partner said our staff’s “words were velvet”. Services also collaborates with other county departments, local schools, community groups and agencies to enhance a cooperative spirit and partner for the benefit of all Waushara County citizens.

In addition to helping people manage and thrive despite mental health concerns and addictions, disabilities and financial hardships, the Department works to help keep children and the community safe. The Department’s Child and Family Services team recently received accommodations from Wisconsin’s Department of Children and Family Services: “As one of the highest performing counties statewide, Waushara County demonstrated the exceptional performance (rating) of 99.13 percent”.

If you or a loved one is in need of assistance, please contact the Waushara County Department of Human Services at (920) 787-6600 or (920) 787-6550. If you have questions or concerns regarding the Public Forum, please contact Dawn Buchholz at (920) 787-6600. Remember that Human Services is working hard for you.