River Valley Bank acquires former Coloma Grocery

Coloma Village Board President Arden Bandt reported the former grocery store in now in the hands of the River Valley bank of Middleton during the Coloma Village Board meeting on Thursday, Jan. 26. 

The confirmation of the sale to the bank is set for Wednesday, Feb. 8, and those interested have the option of purchasing the store directly from the bank. The bank purchased the property for $152,000, and several parties have been interested in purchasing the grocery store, Bandt stated.

A destination sign has been requested for businesses on Front Street. Coloma Village Clerk Brenda Walker said a Wisconsin Department of Transportation request will need to be submitted before a sign can be put up. 

Ehlers Incorporated’s Dave Wagner is retiring – he has been working with the village since 1997 on items such as the TIF districts. Wagner discussed with the board how they can finance capital improvement outside of TIF.  

Coloma has two TIF Districts, with District 1 formed on July 31, 1997, and was the first time the village worked with Wagner. The board recognized Wagner for all his help and valuable information that he has given to the village throughout the years. 

The board has been asked to change the date of garbage pickup by Adams County Waste Management. The item has been tabled until more information can be obtained from the company.  

The board also expressed the concern that the customers within the village will need to have an adequate amount of time to prepare for any changes and postage for notices should also be paid by the company. 

The next village board meeting will be held on Thursday, Feb. 23, at 6:30 p.m. at the Anna Follett Community Center, 155 Front St., Coloma.