Heartland Farms’ roots trace back to 1873 when Jeremie Pavelski’s great-great grandfather, August Pavelski, started with 80 acres near Amherst Junction in Portage County. The farm incorporated as A.M. Pavelski & Sons Inc. in 1974, with Heartland Farms Inc. formed in 1990 when Richard Pavelski and Dave Knights partnered. In the years since, Knights has helped steward Heartland Farms through a more than 10-fold increase in acreage.

Heartland Farms shines at energy efficiency

At Heartland Farms, water and fertilizer are not the only inputs used efficiently. Lighting and equipment upgrades made possible with incentives from Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy program have lowered the farm’s annual energy costs by almost $89,000.

“Cutting energy costs improves our bottom line,” said Jeremie Pavelski, Heartland Farms president. “We are always looking for ways to be cost effective and efficient. These savings improve our competitiveness as a local employer and as a supplier of the national chip potato market.”

Heartland Farms is a fifth-generation family business that grows potatoes, sweet corn, canning peas and green beans on about 24,000 irrigated acres spread across five counties in central Wisconsin.

“Focus on Energy’s programs are a great fit for our farm’s philosophy on sustainability. We’re always looking to increase yields while lowering inputs to supply a growing world with a consistent food supply,” Pavelski said.

Focus on Energy, funded by participating Wisconsin utilities, works with eligible residents and businesses to install cost effective energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

As one of the nation’s premier suppliers of chipping potatoes, Heartland Farms has storage facilities with the capacity for more than a one-half billion pounds of potatoes. Focus on Energy provided a $35,442 incentive to equip the storage facilities with energy-efficient LED bulbs.

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