Front Porch Pets offers healthy pet treats made from veggies

People are becoming more conscious each day on the benefits of vegetables in their diet. Some vegetables you love, others not so much - like sweet potatoes.

There are a number of people who would rather not have sweet potatoes, while others love the orange-colored tubers, and would eat them any time of the year, not just for holidays.

But would you feed them to your favorite pets, especially as certain plants and/or certain foods humans consume are deemed as being unsafe for pets?

Rest assured that things like sweet potatoes are safe and healthy for your pets, along with other foods that some people have a definite dislike for. Just ask David Baldus of Front Porch Pets, LLC of Wild Rose.

More and more research is being done to produce healthier and tastier foods for pets. Take a close look at your grocery stores and pet food stores and you will see many foods and treats that are vegetable-based.

David Baldus started making sweet potato treats for dogs in his mother’s garage, and began taking them to sell at farmers markets around Milwaukee in 2003. Dog owners who tried the dehydrated treats with their pets began suggesting that area store owners stock them. Soon the stores started asking Baldus for some items to stock.

Sam’s Yams took off well, with three stores stocking the naturally sweet products. A distributor from Chicago also sought out the natural product to stock on store shelves.

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