Springwater Covered Bridge damaged

Springwater Covered Bridge damaged following hit and run on June 3

Two days after the Springwater Covered Bridge celebrated its 20th anniversary, a large vehicle drove through the bridge scraping the collar-joists as they passed through on June 3.

The bridge sustained damage to the collar-joists with the costs for repair yet to be determined, according to Town of Springwater Supervisor Garth Towne.

“We will repair it,” he said. “The bottom cord of the rafters was splintered and beat-up so we’ll have to see how much it is going to cost.”

With the amount of damage done to the bridge, the vehicle is believed to have sustained some type of damage as well because every rafter all the way through was beat-up or chipped.

The Town of Springwater hopes to begin making repairs within a week, depending on how quickly the town can get someone to assist with the repairs. In the meantime, Towne emphasizes the bridge itself is architecturally sound.

“Structurally it hasn’t hurt much as far as the side trusses, which is the strength of the bridge” he said. “It was just the roof rafters, so this hasn’t damaged the integrity of the bridge.”

Towne believes the Town of Springwater will look into getting help from a local carpenter to help with making the repairs.

“Nobody got paid the first time but this time we may have to hire a carpenter who is at ease 13 feet up in the air,” Towne said.

While the repairs are being made the bridge will be closed for about a week, according to Towne.

“The strength of the bridge hasn’t been hurt, just the looks, and we will repair it,” said Towne. “It will be as good new within a week or two.”

If anyone knows of any information regarding this hit and run, please contact the Waushara County Sheriff’s Department at 920-787-3321 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-800-5219.

The Springwater Covered Bridge Road is located in Waushara County, between County A and Portage Road, just west of Saxeville.

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