Gardening Tips and Highlights

November activities in the garden

These are a few things to get done before the ground freezes in the landscape and garden:

• Put up all bird feeders and fill daily as needed, plus now is the time to begin feeding them suet. 

• Make sure water is available to the birds. 

• Dig new beds now, it’s easier than in spring when you’re super busy. 

• Continue planting spring bulbs till the ground freezes. Plant bulbs for forcing and put in     a cool location for 10-12 weeks. 

• Stop feeding houseplants and cut back on watering. 

• As long as the ground is workable, planting deciduous shrubs and trees can resume. 

• Clean up stalks and leaves of annuals and vegetables, preventing viruses and pests for next year’s garden. 

• Continue harvesting crops like Brussels sprouts, kale, greens and root crops.  

• Cut perennials back to 4-6 inches, leaving a few for winter interest. 

• If you are journaling for your garden, make notes for changes and improvements.  

• Mow the lawn and leave clippings to act as a mulch for the winter.  

• Ready the lawnmower and tiller for winter, and prep the snow blower.  

• If you have gutters on the house, clear of leaves and debris.  

• Clean empty pots and containers for winter storage. 

• Wait till the ground freezes then purchase straw or use shredded leaves to be used as     protection on roses, under blue berry shrubs, and newly planted garlic, and perennials.  

• Wrap trunks of susceptible trees to protect from rodents. 

• Stop into your favorite nursery or plant store, to check for end of season savings on     bulbs and any other item we gardeners cannot live without.  

Meanwhile, stay warm and enjoy our mild fall weather.