Gardening Tips and Highlights

Bulb Planting Tips

One of the very last tasks of the gardening season is the planting of spring bulbs. Given nice weather, and the fact we’ll be spending the next five months indoors, I find bulb planting a relaxing and rewarding chore. 

With all of the soaking rains, moist tillable soil is essential when one has a lot of bulbs to plant. When planting bulbs with a bulb planter, gardening gloves are a must to prevent blisters and a soft kneeling pad is useful. For larger areas, the most effective way to plant bulbs is to remove the soil completely to 6 inches deep, lay out the bulbs and replace the soil. 

With this method, it’s easier to layer and mix bulbs of different types for a staggered blooming period.  Unlike the bigger tulip and daffodil bulbs, planting tiny bulbs like scilla, species crocus and snowdrops, is a breeze. I simply scatter the small bulbs over the soil surface to give a random and natural, rather than a planned effect. Then I take a narrow trowel, jab it a few inches into the soil and pull back to create a slit into which I drop the bulb.

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