Gardening Tips and Highlights

Protect and prepare your garden

• Take picture and make notes: As the garden winds down for the season, there is still time to document what was growing there. This is especially helpful for perennials you will be cutting back for the season. 

As you add more plants, having a record of what was planted will allow you to avoid injuring dormant perennials. Notes are also a great way to document what worked and what didn’t. While it is fresh in your mind this is a great time to gather your thoughts.

• Winterize Containers: Not all plants or containers are able to withstand the winter outdoors. Containers can freeze and crack and non-hardy plants quickly die when roots are not underground. Either bring them indoors or at least to an area protected from winds and extreme temperatures. 

A garage or basement works well in many cases. For added protection, you might want to wrap the container in blankets or plastic wrap, several layers thick. You don’t want to encourage new growth during this time, so don’t add fertilizer and keep water to a minimum.

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