Gardening Tips and Highlights

House plants outdoors

What do you do with houseplants that have spent the summer months outdoors, and you want to bring them indoors now? 

Well, first repot any plants while still outside, the days are still long and the weather is still relatively pleasant, and it’s less messy outdoors and many houseplants go through a small growth burst in the fall before they want to go somewhat dormant.  

Repot sooner than later in that it becomes increasingly stressful on plants to be repotted as we move into the short days of winter. 

Prune your plants to a desirable shape and size for the same reasons because your plants have been outdoors loving the sun and rain, they probably outgrown their indoor spot. In addition, they’ve probably got far more foliage than they need for the dark and short days of winter. This is one of the main reasons many plants drop foliage during the winter months (the other being the artificial heat and low humidity in our homes). The plant simply can’t support all the greenery it put on during the summer months.

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