Gardening Tips and Highlights

St. Patrick Shamrock plant

The Shamrock plant, Oxalis Triangularis, is native to Brazil and has picked up its common name from the Irish shamrock symbol, which refers to a triangular three-leaved plant or clover. Shamrocks are most often associate the three leaves with the Holy Trinity, because of St. Patrick, and the Irish culture. 

There are many different colors of Oxalis available, the most common foliage are green or purple, but there are several varieties with chartreuse, silver, red, or even variegated leaves.  

Blooms are most often white, pink, or yellow, but can also be red or purple. Plants may bloom all summer long in ideal conditions, but more often they will bloom sporadically throughout the growing season. Don’t be alarmed if the foliage closes up at night, this is perfectly normal behavior. 

Most commonly available species will reach between 6 and 12 inches high and wide at maturity, making them a great filler plant for mixed containers, especially those with striking purple or chartreuse foliage. They prefer soil that is consistently moist, but not soggy. Simply feel the soil before watering and do not water if it feels damp.