Gardening Tips and Highlights

Collecting Seeds

Well, we’re into summer and some flowers are fading already, so we need to collect their seeds so we can preserve their beauty for next year.

As you watch the flower fade, a seed pod will remain and will expand and change color. As it ripens, it becomes darker and the seeds will darken also. When ripe, the seed will be hard and difficult to crush in between your fingers. You can snip off the entire stalk or seed pod and it will continue to ripen if there is enough moisture in the stalks.

It is easiest to collect seeds in paper bags, pods and all, and it is very important to properly mark your bags with the name and color. Once you have your collection, place your bags indoors, leaving the bags open at the top, which allows for proper air circulation and prevents the seeds from becoming moldy. Shake them vigorously from time to time so the seeds will fall out of the capsules. Ripe seed, if stored properly, may keep for several years.

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