Gardening Tips and Highlights

Edible Gardening

Many gardeners in northern states wait until mid-May or Memorial Day to begin planting their vegetable garden, which is typically when we can expect the last spring frost to occur. However, if you wait until then, you’re missing out on many easy-to-grow, frost-tolerant leafy greens. 

By the time spring rolls around, plantings of kale, lettuce, Swiss chard, spinach, beets and Bok Choy can be planted. They’re nutrient-rich edibles that grow well in the spring and again in the fall when the weather is cool. Gardeners often rely on the calendar to decide when to plant. 

An inexpensive soil thermometer is of great use because the seeds of leaf lettuce can germinate when the top inch of the soil reaches 41 degrees F. Spinach seeds germinate when the soil reaches 50 degrees.  You can find soil thermometers (digital and manual) online and in many garden centers. 

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