Gardening Tips and Highlights

Know your zone

Gardeners have many questions when it comes to selecting and caring for plants, trees, and shrubs. Asking those important questions will increase gardening success. 

There are many factors to consider before purchasing plants and planting in your garden.  The first step is to know your climate. The United States Department of Agriculture has made this easy by putting together a color-coded map of the United States, based on the average annual minimum temperature for each zone. This map is called the Hardiness Zone Map, and is the map that most gardeners in the United States look for guidance on planting. 

Your local nursery or garden center probably sells a majority of the plants that flourish in your zone. In fact, many plant tags will indicate “ideal growing zone”. Although the original Hardiness Zone Map was created in 1960, the current map is the version from 1990. This version shows in detail the lowest temperatures that can be expected each year in the United States (Canada and Mexico).  

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