Gardening Tips and Highlights

What do I want to grow in my garden this year?

First off, keeping track of every variety you plant is extremely important if you want to increase the amount of vegetables you’re growing in your garden over time. If you didn’t start a gardening journal last year, maybe this is the year to do so. Nothing fancy, just a notebook to jot down varieties of seeds planted, and notes throughout the gardening season, as to what worked and what didn’t, that simple. 

Because I keep records each season I know exactly which varieties performed well, and which deserve a trip to the compost heap. My simple record keeping has allowed me to build a “Top Performers” list over time. These are the varieties that did well for me despite weather fluctuations, insect attacks, drought conditions, and gardener errors, and are my building blocks of my seed order every year.  

Looking through the mounds of seed catalogs I received so far, I pick out my tried and true varieties first, and then look for new varieties that are promising more of something I value, like better storage, resistance to diseases like downy mildew, and vibrant flavor and color. This is the second category of seeds I order.

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